"I've been having Eden Energy Medicine sessions with Clare on and off over the last 2 years, but in particular 2 years ago to help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME). Through Clare's skilled muscle testing she established that some energy paths were not flowing as they should and betweeen Clare's treatment and some home exercises that I could do myself - I got a lot more energy back and felt more balanced mentally too. I always feel uplifted from having seen Clare and my body feels more whole. Thank you!"

S Genders,  Sheffield

"Clare is a deeply intuitive practitioner who creates a safe, nurturing space to enable a person to unlock their potential to heal and create. She brings light and gentle clarity as a beacon of hope for the way ahead."

C Hay, Nottingham

"Having been witness to a serious sporting accident involving my partner, I had a long hypnotherapy session with Clare to process the events and thoroughly work through some of the more traumatic scenes. Through relaxation, tapping techniques and meditation Clare enabled me to revisit the accident in my mind's eye and deal with the ensuing emotions in a calm, safe and positive environment. The hypnotherapy has been an invaluable experience and has enabled me to come to terms with the accident; I can highly recommend Clare.”

Fiona, Sheffield