This is Clare

So good to meet you!


I always thought I was a 'good girl'. I was polite and hard-working, I did what I was supposed to do. On the surface at least.

So I went to uni, studied French and History, trained to be a teacher and did pretty well educating the masses to become 'au fait' with the difference between a 'cafe au lait' and a 'baguette'. 

I always knew there was something missing, that I was living someone else's idea of what my life should be like.

I wanted to know who 'I' was, and when I began to peel back the layers of identity, beliefs and habits I'd collected along the way, I began to feel more 'me', more clear, more free.

What worked for me is different to what will work for you which is why I believe in giving you tools that will help you to discover your own clarity. 

What you have right now is the desire for change

What you NEED right now is a plan for transformation

Why Sequoia?

Sequoia trees can teach us so much. For me they are the ultimate symbol of strength and resilience through change and adversity.

These giants can grow between 160 and 280 feet in height and over 20 foot in diameter. Their bark can be 3 feet thick and is flame resistant.

Sequoias keep growing and growing, up to 3000 years. They have seen a lot of change in that time and continue to thrive.

Forest fires help them thrive as the heat opens up the cones on the forest floor and releases the seeds inside. Deadwood on the ground is eaten up by the blaze and the nutrient-rich ash provides a rich bed in which saplings can flourish.

They provide an amazing metaphor for standing strong, confident and calm, no matter what is happening around them.

Complete circular fisheye view of the Giant Sequoia Trees in Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National park,